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Thomas Partridge Brogue (A Yeti review)

My contact at Chapman & Moore has sent me some Thomas Partridge shoe's and I jumped at the chance to review these as I love shoe's and I have a bit of a shoe addiction if I'm totally honest.

I knew very little about Thomas Partridge shoe's as I have never owned a pair and it's likely I wouldn't have either as I tend to go for the standard in British shoe which I find for me is Loake, Chruch's, John White and Joseph Cheaney and they are fantastically hand crafted British excellent and if as a man you do not have a pair of any of these shoe's then look in the mirror and slap the man looking back at you square in the face!

The shoe's arrived and I was more than pleasantly surprised by the look, the attention to details, the style and most of all the quality of these shoe's.

Thomas Partridge Brogues:

The shoe's are individually hand made and the Thomas Partridge team have crafted each and every element of these brogues with care and an attention to detail that I tend to find is reserved to what I class as top end brands as I mentioned above.

The two tone style is very classic and gives these shoe's a trendy but classy and dapper look, you could just as easily wear them with jeans and a jacket or as an addition to a suit or smart work wear.

Style and craftsmanship personified:

When you pick up the shoe's they have a nice weight to them coupled with a really solid feel, the leather laces are a great addition to and the embossed sole has a really nice touch to it.

The tongue is slightly padded so adds an element of luxury and comfort to the shoe's and I have no doubt in saying that these shoe will last and you will have no worries about getting them re-healed and/or resoled several times.

Quality is in the detail that you only get from handcrafted shoe's:

In my humble opinion I would highly recommend you look at Thomas Partridge shoe's as they are stylish, well made, dapper and comfortable to say the least and if you find hand crafted shoe's of this quality for £100 then message me because I'd be totally shocked!

Go to and have a look, you wont be disappointed I promise you that.

Much love,

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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