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Be Bearded, never look back!

When thinking about having a beard you need to consider the upkeep of this fine adornment of manliness.

There is not a lot worse in the male world than a man that has no idea how to keep his beard and what shape of beard best fits his face, grow what suits your look.

I want to give you my personal definitive guide to becoming a bearded brother and growing that viking beard your face deserves. But a beard needs upkeep and you must look after it and treat it with due respect.

Below is my guide to manhood:

1. Let it grow

Don't keep cutting loads off your beard and then moaning that it's not growing, you have to let that bad boy grow.

2. Look after that face rug

Buy beard shampoo and conditioner as its a product that is aimed at beards and it will help to thicken it up, give it a shine and softness and help to allow easy combing as you don't want to go pulling your beard hair out. (I wash my beard every other day)

3. Wash that tash you dirty boy

When you eat and drink you'll find that you get food in your beard but particularly your moustache and this isn't a good look or hygienic in the slightest. When you put your beard product in and you style your moustache just add a bit extra to you tash so when you wash it you have some product left in it, I wash my tash usually twice a day to keep it clean. Don't be afraid to use a straw.

4. Balms and oils

Do your research into balms and beard oils don't just jump at the first one that comes along, there are so many on the market at the moment and I tend to have 3 or 4 balms and oils and some suit my hair, skin and beard far better than others do. I always add a beard oil to my beard after my shower and once I have blow dried my hair as I have curly hair. I also add a little beard balm to hold my style in place and keep my look.


Here's some brands for you:

Captain Fawcett, London Beard Company, Viking Beards, Brighton Beard Company, Reuzel, Bedfordshire Beard Company and there are many more but these I have tried. 

5. Shape your beard to your face

When you make the decision to grow a beard decide what style will best suit your face shape and hair type, you want that beard to look dapper and dandy and to help attract the ladies and not the police!

6. Have good lines

When you trim your beard you need to have clean lines on your cheeks and your neck, this really help to emphasis your beard and keep it looking good. I guide the lines with clippers first and then a razor for a clean finish.

7. Scissors not clippers

When you trim your beard use scissors and not clippers, its far easier to make mistakes with clipper and take to much hair off and before you know it you're in real trouble. STICK TO SCISSORS!

8. Style and comb it

Listen you've decided to grow a beard and that's great welcome to a mans world but don't let that thing get all wiry and scraggy it looks crap. Style your beard, keep it clean and comb it everyday its important to look good and have your beard looking good to.

Welcome bearded brother to the world of the viking, lumberjack or general beardedness, go and grow your beard and become a bearded monster and share your snaps with me on Instagram @sartorial_yeti.

Good luck brother!

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