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When the heat is on!

Sunday evening was a proper scorcher during the day and it reached a heady 28 degrees, this humidity and heat still lingered into the night.

We had dinner booked up for the evening and I wanted to get my dapper on, so I headed upstairs knowing the main item I was going to wear. My stunning blue Jeager Sports Jacket.

I laid the jacket on the bed and now started the task of creating the outfit.

This is what I picked out for the evening:

* Blue Sports Jacket

* White T-Shirt

* Cream Chino's

* White knitted Pocket square

* Lapel flower

* Loafers

* Belt

* Sunglasses

Here's a full length and a close up of the outfit:

Close up of the details:

Time for me to talk you through the summer evenings outfit and what I decided to go with:

1. Blue Jeager Sports Jacket.

* Absolutely love this jacket its light weight and really holds its shape well, I bought it when away in Oxford and have worn it with chino's, jeans and tailored shorts and it works with all of them. A great purchase if I'm honest.

2. White Jeager T-Shirt & knitted pocket square.

* Simple choice in the heat as a shirt would have been far to hot and I think a nice fitted T-Shirt looks smart casual and compliments.

The knitted pocket square adds a texture and keeps that crisp white colour throughout the look.

3. Evisu Cream Chino's.

* Actually a TK-Maxx purchase and one of the best bargains I ever found. Evisu are expensive but wonderfully made, they are very comfortable and hold a turn up well because of the quality of the cloth.

I wanted a neutral chino to keep the jacket the focal point of the outfit.

4. Osprey Belt.

* Osprey make fantastic belts and the leather is a really good quality, I have several belts from them and they are versatile and comfortable as well as stylish. A real winner!

5. Accessories and details.

* Ray Bans are my first choice for sunglasses as they are stylish, well put together and bloody comfortable with very good UV protection. Went with my classically styled pair.

The lapel flower was an idea that I had and I am so pleased with the look, I walked around the garden and searched for a pretty little flower, I picked a couple yellow flowers from a weed actually. I then used a decorative peg I got from a dinner I went to and used it to hold the flowers in place and boom the peggy sue was born!

6. John White Suede Loafer.

* I really love John White and find that the shoe's they make have such a comfort factor to them its fantastic, but they have managed to keep a beautifully stylish classical modern look as well. I'm very impressed and would recommend them to anyone.

I picked them as they are clean, smart/casual and work well without socks as I wanted that Italian style for my final outfit.

Nothing like a glass of wine and cigar when working on my blog:

The peggy sue, my new lapel idea:

John White Suede Loafer with a turn up on the Evisu chino's, perfect I think:

When I decide what to wear I really think of comfort as well as style and look, you need to be comfortable in you outfit and when its over 20 degrees you can't be silly or you will suffer and ruin your night. Nothing worse than a jacket or shirt dripping in sweat.

I am a sucker for accessories and details so when I have cigar I want to use good timber matches, when I'm making notes for the blog I want to use a quality pen that's why I have a Montegrappa which is quality Italian made and the choice of the Pope. My note pad is good quality and I use a crystal ashtray when smoking.

It's not me making a statement but its me having a cigar for the first time in months and making it a special thing. I do loads of writing and I like the feel of pen on paper so I like to use a quality pen this helps me to keep the focus and enjoy writing..

There is a real method to my madness its what floats my boat, and that's what I always preach to you all in my blogs. Just be yourself and don't be afraid to express what you like and how you feel.

Life is for living so be a ground breaker, express your true self in your fashion. Don't be a sheep and follow the flock that's a boring life, try not giving a f#ck just expressing what you really want.

Your body is the canvas, your clothes are the paint and brushes but most importantly of all you are the artist and you should get to express your every emotion and how you really feel.

I'm signing off so grab your paint and brushes and start painting that canvas how you want to!.

The Sartorial

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