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The best things in life are the simple things

In today's world it seems to be the standard that people want more and more of everything, more money, more clothes or shoes, more watches, more followers, more fame, more bedrooms in their house and so on.

We are led to believe that the only way to be happy is to have all of these things and without them we are failures!

Well fuck that I totally disagree with this and I think we are developing a generation and a culture of "I wish I had's" that will live their lives through a 6 inch phone screen on social media in the darkest of depression.

STOP, put the phone down and look around you, take in everything from the trees to the buildings to the people. Look up in the air at the clouds or look at the mountains they are truly beautiful. Look at your friends and your family, speak to new people rather than staring into you phone. These are life skills everyone should have.

Hiding behind text, social media and not talking are the basic corner stones of anxiety and depression and only lead to you feeling that 1000 likes are more important than a single conversation. WRONG!

Take pictures, I do and I take lots of them but first I take in every single moment and enjoy it. It's after that when I start snapping.

This past weekend me and the family went to a beautiful woodland owned by a friend of ours who allows us to use it for shooting, driving buggies, BBQ's etc.

Me, my two daughters and our close family just had a laugh, shot some guns, rode the buggies, walked the woods, eat BBQ and just took in every single moment we could. These memories will be with us for years to come but we embraced the actual moment itself for the pure and simple pleasure it was!

Dirty, dusty, smelly and with a shirt tied around my head but hell I'm happy as can be:

Stop worrying, stop getting anxious, don't be a sheep and follow the flock just be that loan wolf and tread your own path.

Stop worrying about your likes and your retweets and start looking up at the stars and walking in the woods, stop clicking like on those people climbing hills and mountains and grab a pair of boots be become one of them.

See the world through your eyes in the first person and not through a phone screen or a tablet.

Fresh air, new experiences, meeting new people, living your life will be what helps you turn a corner so go and do it!

My love goes out to you all and I hope you start to live a life away from phones and technology with the real people who matter in the real places that matter.

Much love The Sartorial Yeti xx

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