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The John Smedley cardigan

I adore John Smedley knitwear as the jumpers and cardigans that I have bought from them are so well fitted they can take to every shape of body but not in an uncomfortable way in a way that makes you feel as "Snug as a bug in a rug" so to say.

John Smedleys styling is first class and the attention to detail make the extra pennies you would pay for the brand well worth it.

A few years back I purchased a wonderful fitted black cardigan and it fits so well over a shirt as part of a casual style but I also find that if I add it to my work wear it steps it game up and goes from casual to smart in the flip of a coin, this was going to be the focal point for today's style!

I had to think long and hard what to pair with this cardigan, have a ganders at what I chose:

* Hat

* Tie & Pocket square

* White shirt

* Cardigan

* Trousers

* Glasses

* Blazer

* Black socks

* Shoes

* Tie clip & Lapel pin

If you look at the picture below you will see what I came up with.

A full length view of today's style:

A close up look at the extra details:

Now its that time when I talk you through the thoughts of a style genius, sorry I meant a bearded mad man trying to be dapper!

1. John Smedley cardigan.

* I don't really have to say a great deal more about this cardigan as I have expressed my undying love for John Smedley and the style, comfort and versatility that it offers.

2. Holland & Esquire blazer.

* The blazer of choice is a wonderfully patterned/check shooting style jacket with a lovely velvet elbow pad and the most wonderful rainbow lining. This jacket can be worn as part of a casual outfit with jeans and a short or as easily with a smart business outfit. As versatile as the cardigan hence the choice.

3. Ralph Lauren dark red fitted trouser.

* Well fitted, comfortable, stylish and as easily smart as they are casual. Can be worn with a tshirt and boat shoe but alternatively in a business outfit in a smart fashion.

4. Van Laack Shirt & Black socks.

* I wanted a nice comfortable styled and fitted shirt so I looked no further than my Van Laack shirt collection. Dapper, stylish and comfortable and a pure work shirt in my eyes. VERY rarely do I not wear a coloured sock and this is one of those occasions, I wanted to mirror the cardigan and break up the colour by added black socks.

5. Detailing and accessories.

* I picked out a stag lapel pin and silver tie clip from "Not on the High Street" as I feel they offer a real touch of class and show an eye for detail. I picked out a matching Moss Bros floral tie and pocket square to bring a touch of colour and some light to an otherwise dark winter outfit.

6. Thomas Partridge Shoe's.

* These came from the team at TP and I love them, I have reviewed them in past posts and I cannot sing their praise enough. I picked them for this outfit as they are two tone and I felt they complimented the red trouser perfectly.

7. Beard products (Ruffians argan beard oil).

* This is an organic beard oil and feels wonderful when you use it, it helps the skin feel good and keep the beard shinny and looking healthy.

Detailing at its best, floral love and little touches of class:

Here's a close up of the Thomas Partridge shoe's, simply wonderful:

I wanted to have a winter look today and to try and make a cardigan smart, dapper and dandy and I think this has come across in my styling. It is a work wear that just delivers and it makes me feel really good about what I am doing during the day.

Start by looking after yourself and by that I mean your body and your mind as these will help your spirit, if you feel good you will want to dress and look good and its all one bi package to make you feel right about life.

Here's a collage of todays style:

Go dapper, go dandy, go street, go urban, go rural, go what ever the hell you are feeling as its your choice and no one else's.

Be bold, be brave and just be you as that is all that matter in life.

Dressing well and looking after yourself can really help with your mental health and your inner feelings. Don't take fashion and style lightly as it can change your life and help you express what you really want to.

Much love, stay strong and be you!

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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