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Accessories are King (or Queen)

I have a confession to make to you all, I love accessories nearly as much as I love shoe's and clothes. There I said it, I'm an accessories addict and the habit is getting worse!

Over the years I have collected all different types of accessories from pocket squares to braces and all manner of lapel pins and cuff links, you name a mans accessory and its likely I have it.

So on this basis I wanted to try a different blog out and talk you all through some of my accessories, why I bought or collected them and how I use them as part of my fashion and outfit designs.

Let start with something simple:

* Peggy sue: As simple as a small decorative peg and some fresh flowers!

When I went for a meal at a lovely establishment I wont mention where, they used small decorative pegs to hold the guest name cards in place.

I instantly had an idea to use one to hold a real flower on a jacket lapel so I asked the restaurant manager if I could have one and he said yes and my idea was born. I think that its quirky and fun and just something simple but pretty, like myself! lol


Next I have a few accessories to discuss with you, this is a picture of an autumnal outfit I put together. This outfit has several accessories but 3 items hold a special place in my heart.

First things first let me go through the items that I have, how I came about them and why I use them.

* Doubled up pocket squares: I love this little touch as they really give a different look and allow you to experiment with colours, patterns and textures

* Tie clip: This came from a small market when I visited New York, I loved it as it was new but had the vintage touch and look about it. I feel a tie clip tells people you know how to dress and have an eye for detail.

* Pen: Every man should have a quality pen in his draw, most go for a Monte Blanc and I understand that as I have two myself but this little gem of a pen is by the fantastic Montegrappa.

Montegrappa are an Italian company and they are famous as the pope always uses a Montegrappa and they are a little more out there than your stand manufacturers.

* Prostate Cancer UK Lapel Pin: This lapel pin is to support Prostate Cancer UK and holds a special place in my heart.

One of my best friends fathers battled prostate cancer for many, many years and he was a true inspirations to everyone around him as he never gave up to his dying day.

Eventually even the toughest warrior will lose, so in honour of her dad passing she asked at the funeral that everyone donate to Prostate Cancer UK and wear with the lapel pin with pride which I do to this day.

* Fob watch, chain and cross: This piece is one of the most important things that I own and it is made up of 3 separate items, I'll list them for you.

1. My granddads pocket watch which he got for 25 years of service in the automotive manufacturing sector and has his name engraved on it, this was awarded to him in 1979 the year I was born.

2. A cross which also belonged to my granddad, this cross he would wear on the battle field in World War 2. It has a pencil hidden inside and they would use it for writing notes when needs arose. It also saw World War 1 with my great granddad so this like trinket has seen some sights over its years!

3. The fob chain came from my mothers family and even though I do not have its full heritage I still hold it dear to me.

I combined the 3 items and they just work.


My next little trick you won't see until I tell you what it is, you will be focusing on the stag tie pin as it is a stunning piece. BUT move your eye's up to the right and focus on the white lapel pin, but that's not a lapel pin its a material cuff link!

I came up with the idea one day when I just couldn't pick a lapel pin to wear.

* Stag Tie Pin: In my humble opinion the most majestic animal in the world is a stag. They command respect, look powerful and graceful at the same time which is rare and they have the ultimate real life accessory when their antlers are fully grown.

This pin came from and was a gift from my wonderful wife.

* Lapel pin: As we know this is a cuff link moonlighting as a lapel pin and it works, they come in an array of colours and patterns so are easy to pair and don't forget they also work as a cuff link!


Below are a few accessories that I love to use, they are simple and look dam good.

* Ray Bans, Montegrappa, Montegrappa pen case, Cigar case etc

* A collage of different accesories and how I pair them to get the best and most impact from them.

Accessories and details are a personal thing and you should treat them this way, complement them with your style and style them into your look.

Don't be afraid to try everything, remember that to experiment with your look is to live and what are we doing in this life if we don't live.

Only the shallow criticise others for their look or their belief and only the truly brave experiment with what they actually feel.

When you see that person walking down the street and they look different and you think to yourself "They must be nuts" or "Bloody fool dressing like that", who's the fool? Them for expressing them-self or you for being just another sheep in the flock!

Go out and dress how you feel, feel how you dress and express yourself how you want and smile while you're doing it.

Finally I would like to dedicate this post to George Lockett a man that I got to know towards the end of his life but a gentleman, a very dapper man and an inspiration to anyone fighting cancer.

Not everyone wins the battle but everyone can fight and we can all support those in their battle with cancer, support the families fighting alongside them and finally put our arms around the ones that are left behind when the battle is over.

Much respect, more love and always be you!

The Sartorial Yeti out..........xx

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