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Hmmmm pancakes!

One thing that my family love on a weekend for breakfast is my American pancake stack.

I can cater them to what ever the girls want so if Evy wants banana and blue berry pancakes that's all good but if Izzy wants plain pancakes but with crispy bacon and maple syrup its equally easy and simple for me to make.

I do my pancakes in a smaller American style because I can do 3 pancakes in my pan at one time and that is a perfect number for one person.

I'll run you through what you need to make these and then I can tell you how.

Here's whats needed:

(Your measuring devised is a mug)

* Plain flour

* Full fat milk

* 1 egg

* 1 tea spoon baking powder

* Cooking oil

* Butter

* Salt

* Toppings:

1. Blue Berries

2. Banana

3. Bacon

4. Maple Syrup

5. Squirty cream

6. Sprinkles or what ever you want really......

How good do these look? They taste even better:

These pancakes are simple to make and yummy to boot, let me talk you through the process.

Let's get cooking:

1. Into a mixing bowl measure out 1 level mug of plain flour, 1 mug of milk, add 1 egg and the baking power/soda and whisk until there are no lumps.

2. Split the mixture into two batches, set one aside as this will be the plain batch. Into the other batch add a handful of blue berries and mix them in.

3. Heat the frying or pancake pan to a medium heat and add a teaspoon of your cooking oil and whip it around the pan with a piece of kitchen roll and then add a small knob of butter and allow it to melt.

4. Ladle some some of your mixture into the pan to make 3 separate pancakes. Leave the pancakes to cook slowly and watch for air bubble to start coming up through the mix and the edges to change colour and then flip and cook for a further 60 to 90 seconds.

5. Place the the pancakes in a stack ad pour over some maple syrup and then add the topping of your choice.

My favourite is plain pancakes with maple syrup and smoked streaky bacon, other family favourites are blue berry pancakes with banana, syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream.

You can do any combination that you want to and you can enjoy them morning or night time what ever you fancied, I've even made small one's to go with caviar.

Drop me a comment and let me know any dishes you would like for me to cook and share on here.

Go get cooking,

The Sartorial Yeti out xx

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