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The Failsworth Titfer hat

This past weekend myself and my family made our monthly journey to the New Forest and to our local haunt which is a wine bar called "The Cave" in Milford on Sea a wonderful little village on the Solent.

If you find yourself in the area or you live nearby go along and grab a beer, wine or G&T and I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

I met up with one of my close friends Nick who had a Christmas present for me as we haven't had chance to catch up since the the festive season. Nick had got me the most wonderful dark green hat a Failsworth Titfer.

As soon as I put the hat on I feel in love with it and I had to do one of my looks around this hat, I straight away thought of my French Connection rain mack and the idea started to take shape.

What did I pick out and decide on to go with the hat:

* Hat

* Tie

* Pocket square

* Striped shirt

* Trousers

* Rain Mack

* Blazer

* Spotted socks

* Shoes

* Braces

Have a look below, this is what I come up with:

My look with the rain mack on:

My style for the day, Prince of Wales check:

I actually wanted to have a smarter city style look so here is my thinking behind the outfit:

1. Failsworth Titfer hat.

* This hat is well made, comfortable and it has a dual style and by this I mean that you could wear it on a country ramble but equally as part of a very dapper look like I am trying to achieve today.

2. French Connection Rain Mack.

* I wanted a City look and to be smart in my over coat and when I take the coat off so the jacket had to be worn, it has a very smart style to it and is very versatile coat. so it was an easy choice.

3. Reiss Prince of Wales check Blazer & Ralph Lauren fitted trouser.

* Well fitted, comfortable, stylish and my favourite pattern by far. When I set my mind on the City style I wanted for the day I had to go for this blazer. I wanted a fitted trouser to compliment the jacket so the fitted Ralph Lauren navy trousers are perfect.

4. Hackett Red Stripe Shirt & Moss Brothers braces.

* Easy pick this one, when I think of City style I think striped shirt and braces so that was easy. I wanted a power colour and red is first on my list of power colour. The braces are from Moss Brothers and they're just simple clip on's.

5. Detailing and accessories.

* As I picked out a red striped shirt I wanted red to be the theme of my outfit and I love to match stripe with polka dots so the red pocket square and socks had to have polka dots. I love the detail a floral lapel pin adds to any blazer and look so that was simple and a solid red tie from Bugatti finish the bulk of the look for me. I added a red rope cuff link to show a final touch of detail and go that extra mile. My watch is a vintage Longines watch from Black Bough in Ludlow.

6. Danybard shoe's.

* I bought these shoe's when I was in Switzerland 10 plus years ago and they are Italian handmade shoe's of a very high quality. I find them stylish with a different look, a smart but trendy made shoe.

7. Beard products (London Beard Company oil & Reuzel's Balm).

* I always use an oil and the London Beard company make one of the best on the market and as I have curly hair I tend to use a balm as well for extra hold and to style my moustache and I used a Reuzels balm.

Red stripe shirt, solid red detailing and polka dot pocket square:

This look took a hell of a lot of thinking about and mixing and matching for me to find what I wanted to go for. I start by picturing the look I want in my head and piecing it together I then head to my closet and pick out loads of items and lay them out, if I get stuck sometimes I look for inspiration by looking through my style books, pictures online and also people that wear the style I want to go for.

I am all about details and I stand by the fact that if you really go for that extra bit of detail your outfit will look extra special as well.

Here's a collage of my city look:

Red rope cufflinks and a vintage Longines, its about details, details, details:

Italian handmade shoe's by Danybard (bought in Switzerland years back):

Study looks, get ideas from others and put your own twists and ideas into action. Paint the picture of what you want in your mind and work from that painting, don't be afraid to mix and match until it comes together.

Much love,

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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