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It's a casual day

Today I have a half day at work and them I'm travelling for a weekend break. I wanted to have a smart casual look and also be comfortable and warm so I grabbed my Massimo Dutti dark green jumper wardrobe as it is a solid colour and very nice to wear, no I have to match the outfit.

Have a look at the items I picked out today to go together as my outfit:

* Jumper

* Gilet

* Jeans

* Boots

* Watch

Going to show you a couple of pictures of my outfit for today and then I'll talk you through why I selected them to go together.

Burnt Orange gilet and green jumper:

Strong Chelsea boot and fitted jeans:

I now this outfit is simple and casual but I want you to understand the thought process behind why I piece it together:

1. Massimo Dutti green jumper.

* This jumper is a solid dark green and a very different colout, it's very bold and has a fabulous patterning and texture to it. You have to think about what you are paring it with for these two reasons.

2. Hollister Blue jeans.

* Hollister make very nice and well fitted blue jeans and for a heavy built guy like me its hard to get a that combination and still look good. These also god well with a heavy boot.

3. Spectre & Co Burnt orange gilet.

* This gilet is made by Spectre & Co New York and it's so comfortable and ultra stylish. It's a solid colour and works so well with my green jumper, I personally love mixing bold colours together for great effect.

4. Joseph Cheaney Chelsea boots.

* This is a plain and simple choice for me, I wanted a stylish work boot with a touch of class and I don't look any further than my Joseph Cheaney boots. Handmade, comfortable and so stylish it's unreal.

5. Breitling Colt sports watch.

* I bought this watch in 2006 and it can be changed from a leather strap to a bracelet, it's simple and well built for the price and lovely to wear.

Layering up of this outfit paired with strong colours:

Keep your beard and hair groomed:

This outfit is very simple but it's all about layering, textures and colours and that is the detail with this look, also the footwear is key, if you put a trainer or a boot shoe with this it changes the look totally but the Chelsea boot makes this look slightly smarter.

I am all about details no matter how small and I urge you to think about every single detail of you look and try several items out before settling on your final outfit. Try multiple shoes, trainers and boots to maximise your look and get that style you want.

A collage of today casual outfit and some of the detail close up:

Be you, dress how you want to dress and don't be afraid to try out new looks and don't just settle in one look be diverse and be bold.

Share your look with me on Instagram @sartorial_yeti

Stay strong and much love,

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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