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Two tone Thomas Partridge shoes

I got a message on my Instagram from the Chapman & Moore Shoe's team because they wanted to send me some sample shoe's they had and I jumped at the chance.

I have worn Chapman & Moore shoe's many times they are so well crafted and amazingly well put together, they said that they have some Thomas Partridge shoe's that they want to send and I jumped at the chance.

When they arrived and I opened the box, I was surprised at stunning look of the two tone brogue and I was shocked at the quality and craftsmanship of the shoe's keeping in mind Partridge's make small quantities of their range.

I knew straight away that I wanted to craft and outfit around these shoes..

Have a little look at the list below which outlines what I decided on:

* Green Jacket

* White shirt

* Floral Tie and Pocket square

* Trousers

* Waistcoat

* Thomas Partridge brogues

* Lapel pin flower

* Pocket watch

Here's what I decided to put with the white tie:

Let me talk you through the mindset of a mad man and how I put this number together:

1. Thomas Partridge Brogues

* These shoe had to be the focal point of my outfit as from the moment I opened the box I love the style and the craftsmanship behind them.

2. Floral tie & pocket square.

* The Moss Brothers floral pocket square and tie are awesome and very versatile I have several matching pairs and I use them a hell of a lot..

3. Green Jacket.

* I picked this little number up at a TKMaxx a few years ago and its a Carlo Viscontti jacket. The jacket is well fitted and very nice to wear, the fact that it's Italian makes it 10 times nicer.

4. Waist coat and trousers.

* The waist coat is unbranded and is suede in dark blue it goes well with everything. The trousers are from John Lewis and I love them as they are well made and comfortable as well as fitted and they have a great clean look

5. Accessories and details.

* Dita glasses from New York, they are expensive but cool looking, well made and just super stylish. The green socks are from Ralph Lauren and tie the outfit together with colour and the lapel pin shows that you have an eye for detail and go that extra mile for your style.

Clean looking style stretches to your hair cut as well, stay groomed and remember that the little fashion details make all the difference:

When I picked out the tie and pocket square they needed to be made one of the centre pieces of my look and they delivered on every level. I love floral designs and I just think that they elevate any look to the next level and really add a touch of class.

I love the finished look that I have and the style details including my cool and stylish new shoe's from the Thomas Partridge team and the awesome guys at Chapman and Moore Shoe's who sent them over to me.

My honest opinion about these shoe's is that from the moment you open the box you can see just how well they are put together and that the team have an eye for detail and an understanding of classical mens footwear bought lovingly into a modern era but still holding onto a vintage style and adding a wonderful dapper twist, well done team Thomas Partridge these are highly recommended by me!

Here's a close up of these amazing Thomas Partridge brogues:

Go to Instagram and follow @chapmanandmoore and also @thomaspartridge for a closer look at the amazing range of shoe's they have.

Always be you, dress how you feel good and go for what you feel in your heart as fashion is an individual thing and your personal ideas and style are original to you!

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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