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A Harris Tweed day

When you know you want a Harris Tweed day, you have to do a Harris Tweed day and this William Hunt jacket and waistcoat are simply stunning. They are warm, comfortable and so stylish its unreal!

I done my usual and picked out the focal or central point of my outfit this being the William Hunt jacket and waistcoat and know I have to design the rest of the days outfit.

What did I go for:

* Lapel Flower (Marie Curie Cancer Awareness)

* Tie

* Pocket square(s)

* White shirt

* Trousers

* Jacket & waitscoat

* Socks

* Shoes

This is how I pieced the outfit together to bring out the best in the Harris Tweed:

I want to talk you through the reasoning behind my choices and why I think they work.

1. William Hunt Harris Tweed Jacket & Waistcoat

* This combination is simply stunning and I love the quality and details that the William Hunt of Savile Row go to and this pairing can work on so many levels. Today it was for but tomorrow I may where it for dinner, a night out or just with some jeans.

2. TM Lewin Shirt & John Lewis trousers.

* This was a simple choice as TM Lewin make great value for money shirts and the feel good and look good on. John Lewis retail make a really lovely range of trousers or chinos that are well put together and comfortable to where. White goes with anything and a neutral chino is easy to pair up with most colours.

3. Double pocket Squares and Tie

* I think that paisley goes so well with any Harris Tweed, the only problem is that Harris Tweed and paisley can really seem bland if you do not accessorise them further and get some great detail in your outfit.

4. Accessories and details.

* I doubled up the pocket square and added a yellow pocket square that aloud me to bring in the Marie Curie lapel flower and then a lovely yellow Ralph Lauren sock.

I added a Montblanc pen to the top pocket and a silver pocket watch this is to give that final touch of detail and bring a certain touch of class to the whole look.

5. Chapman & Moore Brogue.

* Dark red ads a little touch of extra colour and brings the yellow down a touch to stop it looking to gerish. They are comfortable and look bloody great.

Lets have a closer look at the outfit:

Have a look at the wonderful yellow Ralph Lauren socks they are so comfortable and a great quality, also the red Chapman and Moore brogues are great to wear and such a comfortable fit.

When you wear Harris Tweed you feel and look great but as always that touch of detail can really lift your outfit to a whole next level and the right bolts of colour always look great.

Life is about the finer details but so is fashion and if you do it right you will always look next level and people will think that you know what you are talking about..

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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