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The burnt orange Gilet

This Christmas my wife got me the most fantastic burnt orange gilet from Spectre & Co in New York. I love the colour, texture and the style of this piece and I wanted to wear it as the focal point of an outfit so layering up it was


Have a little look at the list below which outlines what I decided on:

* William Hunt Jacket

* Blue Ralph Lauren Trousers

* White Pocket square

* Tartan Tie

* Flat cap

* Burnt gilet

* Lapel pin and pen

* White TM Lewin Shirt

* Dents gloves

* Dita Glasses

Here's what I decided to layer up:

I will walk you through my outfit choice to go with the gilet:

1. Burnt Orange Gilet.

* I adore just how good this Spectre & Co burnt Orange Gilet looks and it is so comfortable to wear. I wanted to make it the focal point to my days style.

2. Blue Ralph Lauren Trousers.

* These trousers are so versatile and in dark blue they can be worn with anything. They are fitted and have a great look.

3. Dog tooth William Hunt jacket.

* William Hunt are simply a fantastic tailor and only deliver fantastic quality clothing, this dog tooth pattern is one of my favourites and can be worn in so many ways. I have several items from them and everyone delivers.

4. Dita glasses.

* Dita make wonderfully styled and elegant glasses and these are from a visit I made a couple of years back to New York. Look up Dita and you will not be dissappointed.

5. Accessories and details.

* I used a floral lapel pin to balance the look with a simple white hanky and a Spectre & Co tartan tie and tie pin. I wanted to keep the look clean and I was aware that the Gilet can make a look seem casual so I believe that extra detail ads that finer and more special touch.

6. Joseph Cheeney Boots.

* I wanted a warm, comfortable and to be honest good looking boot so only one choice come to mind and it was my Joseph Cheeney boot. Hand made in Northampton and worth ever single penny (or pound lol) that I paid.

Have a look at the detailing close up:

I always pick a focal or centre piece for any of my styles, please try it. Take one item of clothing that you really love and go for it, style your look around that one piece.

I love this look and even though I bought the look down with the gilet and the Chelsea boots it still works as a work outfit or take away the tie and add jeans and you have the perfect look for a night out.

Here's a view from above:

I want you guys to try out different looks and styles, don't be afraid to try anything you think works and get on the internet and look at different styles and get your ideas in. You can see everything from street fashion to vintage looks and everything in between.

Go for it and just be the best possible you that you can.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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