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Belmond Le Manoir and the Cavani Jacket

My wife an I had a Christmas Carols evening booked at Belmond Le Manoir as our annual Christmas treat for each other and it would be a fantastic night as it always is. Le Manoir is the most magical and wonderful location and from the moment you arrive at the reception and the concierge take your vehicle you are treated like royalty from that point onward.

The morning after we always have breakfast in the restaurant followed by a walk around the Chinese gardens, allotments and grounds of this most wonderful hotel and Michelin starred restaurant. I would highly, highly recommend a visit if you value first class service, the most amazing food and memories that will stay with you forever.

I wanted to dress smart, warm and elegant but at the same time comfortable.

I have a wonderful Cavani jacket which everyone always seems to love as it has a smart casual look and I have worn it with jeans and a t-shirt but also I have a matching Cavani waistcoat so have worn it as part of a smart suit combining with a tie, trousers and shoes.

Have a look at the list below which outlines what I decided to put with the jacket:

* Cavani Jacket

* Blue Hollister Jeans

* White Jaeger Tshirt

* Reply Cardigan

* John Varvatos Boots

* Flat cap

Here's the outfit of choice:

Time for me to talk through why I have paired everything together and the reasons for it:

1. Cavani jacket.

* I simply adore the style, look and plain elegance of this jacket and the fact that it can be matched to so many styles.

2. Blue jeans.

* Hollister make very nice and well fitted blue jeans and for a heavy built guy like me its hard to get a that combination.

3. Flat cap.

* A flat cap I find always ads an elegance and has gone from an old mans essential to the ultimate mens extra thanks to the peaky blinders effect.

4. White Tshirt.

* Nothing works with any outfit and looks better than a plain white tshirt and Jaeger make theirs with a great quality and excellent fit..

5. Reply Cardigan.

* Brown well fitted and exceptionally well designed. This slips nicely under the jacket and gives a great casual element to the look.

6. John Varvatos Industrial Boot.

* The John Varvatos boots make the whole outfit take on a really trendy and different look as they are have a heavy industrial look couple with a quality leather. I just love them and any excuse to wear them I will.

Have a look at the design and the layering of this outfit:

When I picked out the outfit I wanted to have an autumnal theme and colouring to it but it needed to be warm as well as stylish because at Belmond Le Manoir you want elegance but you need to enjoy the gardens and take in the wonder of this amazing place.

When we walked the gardens we met the falconers keeping away the pigeons from the amazing main house and the rabbits out of the chefs allotments and vegetable patches.

Clive the man in charge of the falcons gave us the chance to fly the wonderful raptors in the grounds and this is a chance we would not miss out on, the outfit kept me warn and dam I think I looked good while doing it!

Pick the clothes that make you feel good and that you want to wear as the most important thing is to feel good

I wanted to sit at breakfast and feel a smart casual sense of dress but also to be able to walk the garden of this wonderful place in a cosy warm outfit that I could feel good in.

Much love,

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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