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The White Tie

Last night I was fingering through my tie draw and come across my knitted white tie, it's a truly splendid tie but I must admit that it does scare me slightly.

Fear aside I decided to go with the tie and a pocket square they would be my focus for the outfit, dear lord what did I do!

I laid the tie on my bed and set about trying to pair it up and make an outfit work around it and I must say it was hard bloody work.

Have a little look at the list below which outlines what I decided on:

* Green Jacket

* Blue linen shirt

* White knitted Tie and Pocket square

* Trousers

* Waistcoat

* Collar bar

* Lapel pin and single cufflink

* Loake slip on's

* Lapel pin/Tie clip

* Flat cap

Here's what I decided to put with the white tie:

Right it's that time that I talk you through the twisted mindset of a fashion lover:

1. Knitted white Tie and Pocket Square.

* I love how clean the white knitted tie and pocket square are so I made the outfit work around these items.

2. Blue Linen shirt and blue socks.

* I had to pick a dark shirt and the M&S linen number I had fitted the bill nicely and I wanted to counter balance it with dark blue socks.

3. Green Jacket.

* I picked out a fitted Italian light green jacket purely to complement the rest of my outfit and not to over whelm it. The jacket has shape and is such high quality.

4. Waist coat and trousers.

* These I wanted to be a neutral colour as the tie and the shirt / the white and the dark blue are the main stage for this look.

5. Accessories and details.

* I used a white floral lapel pin to balance the look and keep that crisp white look running throughout, I coupled it with a single blue material cuff link in the button hole this cuff link matched the shirt colour. I added a collar bar to keep the collar set in place and stop the linen shirt from looking scruffy which they have a tendency to do.

6. Loake Loafer.

* I wanted a clean, simple and stylish shoe so I looked no further than my Loake Loafers, they are hand made and simply fantastic.

Have a look at the detailing, nice I think:

When I picked out the tie and pocket square they needed to be made the centre stage of my look and they delivered on every level. I think the dark linen shirt and the neutral colours of the trousers, waistcoat and jacket allow it to shine.

I am very proud of my finished look and I think its very different, stylish and exceptionally dapper to boot..

Here's a view from above:

Remember what I say, do not be afraid of any fashion items its just making them work for you in a way that you like and feel good wearing.

Go for it and just be the best possible you that you can.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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