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Layer it up for winter

I woke up to the first hard winter frost this December and at that moment I knew it was time to start layering up to keep warm, but hey you can still have layers and stay fashionable people.

I am a massive fan of Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) who is a New York based fashion/street fashion photographer and a bloody good one at that. Scott travels the world to all the fashion capitals and photographs not only fashion professionals but fashion lovers of all kinds.

One of his snaps in Milan showed layering and I had already started layering myself but this was different, it was a gilet under a blazer/jacket and it worked so well. Since that day I have experimented myself and sometimes it works amazingly well and other times its just ok but the fact is I tried it.

Here's a list of what I decided to wear for my day at work:

* Shooting gilet

* Tweed Jacket

* White shirt

* Pocket square

* Tie

* Trousers

* Brogues

* Lapel pin/Tie clip

Have a look at what I've done and how I've layered up:

Let me walk you through the look that I have come up with:

1. Shooting gilet.

* I picked out my Ralph Lauren Purple Label shooting Gilet as it has some fantastic details like the leather shoulder guard and the buckle on the collar. It has a fantastic look to it and it is very warm and comfortable, also not to heavy.

2. White shirt and tailored trousers.

* As always a crisp white shirt is good with any outfit and is colour and texture neutral, this coupled with the blue Ralph Lauren tailored trousers, these would be the main bulk of colour to today's outfit.

3. Harris tweed jacket

* The Harris tweed jacket is heavy and warm made to a very high standard and quality for the money, it has an elegance and is more of a cosy fit but still has a fitted look.

4. Accessories and details.

* I used a simple tie with green and blue to compliment the gilet and the trousers, I added a basic green pocket square to try and allow the layering to be the main focus. I finished the look with a stag lapel pin and a tie clip for that extra touch of detail.

5. Brogue Shoes.

* I picked out a simple but stylish John White Brogue shoe to finish the look, these shoes have a strangely smart casual look to them and can easily go with a jacket and jeans as well as a work outfit.

I want to give you a close up of layering:

When I start to layer I like to also mix the textures that I am wearing as well as the layering up.

If I layer and I mix textures I tend to always do a neutral colour so as to let the layering take centre stage.

If you lost the tie and changed the chino out for some jeans I think this would work easily as a smart casual outfit, I know this as I have done it myself.

I want to give you a look at the shoe's as these days I tend to think about shoe's that I can use in multiple smart and casual ways.

Here's the John White brogues:

Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and layers and when you do if people look at you just remember its because you are different and you are trying something that maybe they haven't built up the courage to do so.

Go for it and if you do tag me into any pictures on Instagram @sartorial_yeti or email me, I love to see your looks.

Be bold, go for it and remember you are just being you!

Much love people.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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