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Dapper as can be

The reason I started writing this blog is purely because I love fashion and style and everything to do with it.

From the moment I woke up I knew that I wanted to go full on dapper and I felt that my styling for the day needed to have a true vintage look. I stood around in my closet picking different items up but I couldn't find what I wanted so I stepped back and then it hit me.

Here's what I picked out of the closet:

* Velvet waistcoat

* Tweed Jacket

* White shirt

* Pocket square

* Tie

* Trousers

* Boots

* Lapel pin

* Pocket watch

Below is what the finished outfit looked like:

Why don't I talk you through what I pick out for this look:

1. Velvet waistcoat and sterling silver pocket watch.

* I knew that these two items would be the basis of my vintage look for the day. The waistcoat is slick and stylish and combined with the silver pocket watch and over sized fob chain I knew I had my starting blocks.

2. White shirt and tailored trousers.

* A crisp white shirt is good with any outfit and the tailored green trousers I felt would be give a fantastic contrast of colour to the blue velvet waistcoat. Green was going to be the predominate colour of my look today.

3. Harris tweed jacket

* This Harris tweed jacket is simply stunning and as it is a green dog tooth design I felt it would compliment the trousers and the waistcoat nicely.

4. Accessories and details.

* A simple green and white floral tie and pocket square would be a fantastic touch and would keep with the green of my outfit but also help to lift the outfit to the next level and inject some light to the proceedings. Olive green socks just fitted perfectly, simple. and a small green clover lapel pin for my Irish roots and a touch of fine detail.

5. Brogue boots

* Easy, I have two pairs of John White brogue boots. The first and oldest are old and well worn, but the newer ones were perfect for today's outfit. They are stylish, clean, crisp and very smart as well, when you wear them it is like wearing a suit of armour.

Let's have a look at the finer detail:

When I look at this outfit I find it so dapper, I love the detail of the floral tie and pocket square combined with the pocket watch and the waistcoat. I personally think these touches make the outfit.

I also feel that the brogue boot make the outfit differ and they give a vintage style, I find them exceptionally smart and very different.

You could also bring this outfit down to a smart casual level if you change the coloured trousers to a fitted rolled jean, you have to have the turn ups to show off the boots and give the maximum effect.

I love the brogue boot so much, they make you feel awesome when wearing them and they stand out tremendously well.

I am really happy with the overall look of the outfit and I think it is very smart, really different and works on a number of levels.

This is me being me and really wanting to look good, feel good and dressing to make an impression.

Try it yourself and go for it, remember that you have your own style and fashion so don't be afraid to mix and match until you're happy with what you have achieved.

Just release the fear, stop being afraid and express your style.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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