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Style your weekend

Just because you're not off to work or out for dinner doesn't mean that you can't style what you wear.

I love to style everything that I wear and I love to try and always look as good as possible, sometimes it just comes down to the finest of details. This weekend that has just passed I wanted to feel good in what I wore but still try and have a strong style.

Here's what I picked out of the closet:

* Flat cap

* Waistcoat

* Jacket

* Pocket square

* T-Shirt

* Jeans

* Boots

* Single cuff link

* Socks

Here's my little weekend number:

Lets talk through what I'm wearing and my reason behind it:

1. Tweed flat cap and waistcoat, I needed to wear a hat and I love to couple it with a waist.

* I love a flat cap and sometimes they make me feel like I'm protected and as a heavy built guy a waistcoat can make me feel far more trim. They also have a lovely autumnal feel.

2. White t-shirt and fitted jeans.

* A t-shirt and jeans allow me to feel comfortable and really relaxed, buy hey I wore a fitted jean and a quality t-shirt, they help with my body shape.

3. Polo by Ralph Lauren Jacket

* This jacket is totally awesome, it's smart with out being smart and its casual without even knowing it. In other words it's so easy to style.

4. Accessories and details.

* This was simple when I stepped back and looked at the outfit. The hat and the waistcoat do the styling job by themselves but I need the finer details.

For this I used a polka dot hanky and socks and then I used a single material cuff link in the lapel button hole just as an extra detail. Sorry I had to!!

5. Osprey boots

* These I went straight to, we have been together for nearly 20 years and they are simply fantastic to wear. They're aged leather and well broken in so just amazing to wear.

Let me show you the fine detail which I feel makes the outfit:

I know it seems like over kill but I could walk around in pure comfort and still have a feel of being dapper and well dressed.

You can still do casual but there is no reason you can't couple it with fine detail to step it up a level, I made blue the colour of choice for this outfit.

I must show you the Osprey boots that have been with me for years, these boots are pure comfort to me and I just love to wear them.

I know, they are old and tatty but they are still amazing and look great.

I will say it again to you all, be you and dress to feel good.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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