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Ohhhh right, olive slacks!

Today I needed to brighten my day so I felt that a coloured chino/trouser would be the only way ahead for me.

I fingered through my selection of colours and settled on my rarely worn olive green DAKS trousers, I then stood back and tried to think of pairings and how to make this outfit work.

What did I select:

* Lapel pin

* Tie

* Pocket square

* White shirt

* Trousers

* Jacket

* Waitscoat

* Socks

* Shoes

This is how I pieced the outfit together to brighten my work day.

Now let me talk you through why I have put these items together to make my outfit and why I feel it works a treat.

1. Olive Green DAKS trouser, these trousers are the main colour for the look which I want to carry through the outfit.

* I wanted colour and the trousers would be the main focal point for this look.

2. Fitted black waistcoat and black Loake shoes.

* The black waistcoat helps break up the light colours of the shirt, jacket and trousers and is contrasted by a plain black Loake shoes. I feel this helps bring the whole outfit down a notch or two.

3. The Prince of Wales Check jacket

* A Prince of Wales check jacket is one of my favourite things and this one by Reiss is a show stopper. Simple, effective and easy to Accessorise.

4. Accessories of a green nature.

* The matching green floral tie and pocket square are delicate yet effective combination and help to break up the large bulks of colour from the waistcoat and the trousers. The lapel pin if simple but again it tells people you have an eye for detail and make that extra effort. What you can't see is the Montblanc pen stowed in the top pocket and this is to give that final touch of detail.

Let me show you the finer detail up close:

This outfit is bold, its only bold because of the trousers. What I did is take the DAKS trousers as the main focus and work everything else around them thus creating in my humble opinion a stylish and very classy outfit.

I always focus on contrast, layers, texture and fine details when putting an outfit together.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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