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Dressing for the day ahead

Its easy to jump out of bed in the morning, have a shower and chuck on what's at hand and that will do for the day ahead. STOP, think about how you want to feel during your day, do you like the way that you look in the mirror and what do the clothes you're wearing mean to you?

I started my Instagram @sartorial_yeti to share with people how I dress and the different styles that I go through during the seasons of the year.

My daily work attire changes dependant in the weather and the season that we are in. Below is one of my autumnal numbers, let me just list what I have on and then I will explain the ideas behind it:

* Dita glasses

* Braces (Clip on)

* Lapel pin

* Tie (single colour

* Pocket square

* White shirt

* Trousers / chinos

* Jacket

* Socks

* Shoes

* Tie clip

This is how I dress for my day at work and I find that it makes me feel good and in turn I get complements about it which boost my self esteem and give me a big smile.

Now let me explain the thinking behind my style for this outfit and why I have pieced it together.

1. I have picked red as the main colour for the outfit and used it throughout.

* Why I hear you ask? Because the Harris Tweed jacket has a dark red strip running through it, this sets the colour for the entire look.

2. Fitted trouser and shirt, NOT baggy or ill fitting.

* This gives a shape to the style I am aiming for and the slight turn up to the trousers shows off the red socks.

3. Red accessories which are simple but effective.

* The braces give a smartness, the socks a bolt of colour to the lower half of this outfit, the tie is crisp and simple, the lapel pin a perception of detail and the pocket square a beautiful red paisley to break up the all red accessorising.

4. The shoes a person wears will say a hell of a lot about that individual.

* The shoes are a plain Loake brogue and they do cost money, but you will have them a long time if you only look after them properly. Some of my collection of shoes I have had for 15 plus years.

I want to show you a closer look at the detail I go to when dressing for my day.

What I wear is not hard to piece together but it does take a bit more time, a respect for how you want to look and feel, a passion to feel good in what you wear and finally a bit of self belief and confidence.

So let summarise what I am saying to you lovely people:

1. Dress to feel good

2. Be confident

3. Believe in your style choices

4. Think about the details

5. Let go of the fear

When you get home tonight go in your closet and look at what you have to wear, if none of it makes you feel good or gives you a smile then get out and have a little shop. You don't have to spend bags of your hard earn cash, just look at the fit and the style of the clothes and shop so that the things you buy can be recycled into many different outfits.

Good luck and if you want to let me know how you get on.

The Sartorial Yeti xx

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