Mixing it up!

November 21, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous posts, when I dress for the day ahead I pick one item and style the entire outfit around that specific item.


Today I picked my Souster and Hicks of Woburn tailored trouser which are a fantastic autumnal brown, they are truly wonderful to wear but I really have to think about what to partner with them.


What did I pick as bedfellows:


* Montblanc

* Tie

* Pocket square

* White shirt

* Trousers

* Jacket

* Waitscoat

* Socks

* Shoes

* Gloves


Have a look below, this is what I come up with:


Lets talk through my thoughts behind this and why I picked each item.


1. Brown Souster and Hicks trousers, this would be the focal point of my days attire.

* I wanted comfort and style but to keep the autumnal feel.


2. Fitted brown check waistcoat and John White shoes.

* The waistcoat has brown in the check pattern but has a light colouring to it, I felt this helped to break up and bring contrast to the trousers. My choice of John White shoe is one of luxury, style and mainly comfort, these shoes I could walk a thousand miles in and still feel I look good.


3. Blue jacket and blue socks

* I wanted to break up the browns with another colour and I felt that blue would be the perfect contrast that I was looking for. The jacket is plain but fitted so looks great. The socks are to separate the brown of the shoes and the trousers, a touch of colour.


4. Accessories and details.

* The matching Hugo Boss paisley tie and pocket square had the perfect balance of blue and the paisley design I felt bought a touch of elegance and class. The Dents gloves in the pocket are for that final detail and the Montblanc pen is just an indulgent touch of extra detail.  


Lets have a look at the details close up:



I really feel that this little autumnal number works, I feel good when I put it on and it has an understated classy element with a true touch of indulgence.

But most importantly for me it was exceptionally comfortable.


I have one last picture to share with you and this is to show how a coloured sock can work so well and they can be a true crowning touch to any outfit.



Life's to short to not express yourself and what better than a blast of colour from carefully selected socks!


Remember, express yourself and don't be scared to be you.


The Sartorial Yeti xx






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